We all know how insurance, especially car insurance, is rising exponentially by the year. Despite this though, many insurance companies open petty disputes over claims by insurance customers. These are often backed up by the small print in your contract, which most people decide to not read. This is why we’ve decided to compile a list of the most common car insurance criticisms.

Repair Quality

The FOS says that many complaints are based on the quality of repairs after an accident. It also says if your insurer has to pay for the repair then they are responsible for the quality of the work. But if your insurer only pays for the cost of the repair, you’re responsible for the quality of work undertaken, so make sure to check this and clear it with your insurer. On top of this, some insurers only approve some repairers, so if you decide to go to an un-approved mechanic the company will only reimburse the amount they would have paid for the repair.


Many insurers have a clause, where if they think that the vehicle in an accident is not worth repairing, they will reimburse the cost of the vehicle to the customer. However, some insurers take advantage of this and they under-value the vehicle thus causing the owner to have less cash and also have a broken vehicle leaving them stranded. If you’re faced with a situation like this, you can take your complaint to the insurance ombudsman.

Renewal Issues

When a policy is renewed, most of the time you just hand over your payment details and that’s it. But if you’ve had an incident while driving since the last time you renewed, you have to tell your insurance. Don’t end like Mr A, who when filing a claim had it rejected because he did not tell the insurance company that he had been convicted for a minor drink-driving offence. The company rejected his claim, and when he went to the FOS they also dismissed him without overturning the company’s decision. If you are renewing your policy, tell the company about all driving-related incidents you’ve had since you last told them.


Another major complaint from insurance customers is that the companies dismiss many claims unfairly as “non-disclosure”. To avoid this try to check the companies T and Cs on what they consider as information that you have to give them. Most of the time, the criticisms are about car modifications, so to specifically combat check if your company allows modified cars. Even if they do, you still should tell them specifically what changes you have made to your car. Doing this will prevent any unexpected claim rejections. However, if you think you stated your modifications clearly and think that the company know about them, but they still refuse your claim you can take your case to the FOS. They will check if the insurer asked you about the modification and why they refused it.

We created this guide to help you see the most common complaint that car insurance companies get, so you can be prepared and be ready to avoid all of the hassles. Remember to check out our other blogs to know all about insurance! Thanks for reading.