Whether you ride the fastest motorbikes, or you commute on a scooter to work; you are required by law to have motorbike insurance. However, just because the big brokers don’t offer these plans doesn’t mean you have to pay £1000s of pounds. Read on to find out how to save £100s on your motorbike insurance.

Step 1

Bear in mind that motorbike insurance is calculated by how risky you are to get in an accident. Age will matter, as over 30s are charged less than those who are younger. Insurance for under-21s is extremely hard to find and expensive, but if you opt for third party cover, which only protects you if you damage a 3rd party’s possession,  itr may reduce the price. If you happen to have points on your license, the cost of insurance will also increase. Points normally expire after 4 years, but many brokers will check the last 5 years for any convictions.

Step 2

It may be beneficial to check out some specialist policies. For example, temporary motorbike insurance might be suitable if your bike only gets used in the summer. However, this policy does not give you a no-claims bonus and when your vehicle is not insured you must SORN your bike. Click here for more information about a SORN. Companies such as Bikesure can insure for as little as 3 days upto a maximum of 3 months. Although they might be hard to find, another possibility may be to opt for a 6-wheel policy. These policies cover both your car and motorbike, leading to a cheaper deal overall. However, some plans may actually overcharge you so click here for our full car insurance guide. 

Step 3 

Just like normal forms of insurance, often companies advertise sales and cut down their prices. Due to the limited time of these discounts, they often do not appear on comparison websites and therefore are missed by the majority of customers. To take advantage of these discounts you should check up on deals directly from insurers. Some insurers that regularly post deals are: LV, Be Wiser and Carole Nash.

Step 4

To save on your insurance, check out some cashback websites. These websites carry links to third parties that then pay a commission to these websites. However, think of cashback as an addition to the plan, not a main point to search for. Another way to save is to haggle. The insurance market is very competitive, and you should get on the phone to prospective insurers and try to get a better deal off of them.

Step 5

If all goes well, and you carry on biking for a year your insurance should go down in price. However, it still may not be the best deal on the market and you should shop around. If you apply to your insurer as a new customer you will likely get a better deal. By law insurers are required to inform you when your deal is about to end at least 28 days before. This isn’t enough time to sort out a new deal, so set a reminder about 7 weeks before your policy expires to check out other deals.

This is our comprehensive guide to motorbike insurance. Remember to find the best deal according to your needs and don’t be afraid to haggle. Also check out our other blogs.

Thanks for reading.