Almost all of the houses in the UK are heated with normal, regular boilers. Knowing this, companies charge high boiler insurance prices preying on the fear of people scared of leaving hot water and heating. It doesn’t have to work this way, read this blog to get a good deal.

What is Boiler Cover?
Boiler cover is pretty self-explanatory, it covers you if your boiler malfunctions. Adding to this, there are many different types of boiler cover and they all have slight variations in what they cover and don’t

  • Boiler-only cover – this is the most basic package, which will cover you if the boiler or it’s controls malfunction.
  • Boiler and central heating cover –  same as the above package but also covers you if your radiators of heating pipes break or need to be replaced.
  • Home emergency cover – This is the most high-end cover and includes all of the above, plus floods and any animal infestations in your heating system. This is recommendable is you live an are at high risk of floods.

Boiler Cover Tips

Check your home insurance –  some home insurance plans already include boiler cover so check before you hunt for plans

Self Insurance –  it may be better to just save in an emergency account for any boiler mishaps or malfunctions, an advantage of this is that you don’t pay anything but the money is still there for you if you may need it.

Boiler ages –  If you’ve got a new boiler, it will be really easy for you to find a decent deal and get insurance for it. However, if your boiler is above 5 years old, the task of finding a plan will be much more arduous. For example, some providers don’t even allow boilers older than 6 years, while some demand to inspect your boiler before they allow anything. There’s not much you can do if this happens, you’ll most likely have to fork out for a revamped system.

Annual Service – If you don’t have an annual check-up of your boiler, the insurance company may not accept any claims, as they can say it hasn’t been managed properly. 

Claim Times – to prevent people from claiming their insurance the day their boiler breaks down, most insurers have a policy where you cannot claim in the first 14-20 days.

To find a good boiler deal here is a link to an article on how to find a good deal.

In many scenarios, boiler cover is the best option as you may be surprised as to how much boiler parts can cost If you don’t think you need cover now you may need in emergency events in the future. This is our ultimate guide to boiler cover, feel free to check out our other vlogs.