Many people set off on their holidays with no travel insurance, risking high financial losses if they are required to abandon their trip or if they rack up a huge sum of money while receiving medical care abroad. If you have booked a trip and want to find out more about affordable travel insurance policies, read on…

Tips Before Applying

  • Always state any medical conditions to your insurer before you go abroad. Failure to do this may result in any claim you make being denied. Most will require information about any issues in the last 5 years. Also inform the insurer if you are pregnant before you travel.
  • If you are travelling to Europe, make sure to bring your EHIC card, as this will help with medical bills. The card can be applied for from the official NHS website. The card can act as an extra to insurance, but to be covered for all sorts of medical treatments you should opt for insurance. If you plan to go abroad more than once a year, consider an annual plan which can save money for those who travel frequently. 

How to Publish a Claim

You have purchased your insurance and now something has gone wrong on your trip. What are the steps to apply for a claim?

  • Contact your insurance provider as soon as possible. Many providers have a window in which you must apply within, and it may take time to process your claim so make sure you apply quickly.
  • If it is a non emergency situation where someone has had a medical injury, eg: sprained ankle, call the insurer to make sure they accept the claim first. This will prevent surprise bills later on if your claim is rejected. 
  • For any stolen items, report it to the local police as many insurers need a crime reference number from the local authorities to process these claims. 
  • For any lost items, eg: suitcases, make sure you have receipts of the contents stored in them. Many companies allow customers to add these items to claims but only if you have a valid receipt.

Here is a brief insight on travel insurance. To know more about it, and other forms of insurance, check out our other blogs. 

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