Mobile phone prices are rising every year, and to make sure your investment in a shiny, new mobile device isn’t ruined you should look towards buying insurance cover for your device. Read on to get an insight into mobile phone insurance.

Apple’s latest handset costs £1000, and if you were to drop it or damage it in some way you would be paying a lot of money to get it repaired. A very good option to combat this is phone insurance. These plans are very cheap, only around £30 per year and can save you 10 times the amount. But many have no idea where to start and do not know what is required to apply for a mobile phone insurance. This is where we come in, with our facts and tips you will confidently be able to find a plan suitable for you

Need to knows

  • Many insurers charge more for loss, as it is not covered in their initial plan. If you are prone to losing items, opt for more expensive plans that can make sure you are protected.
  • Some home insurance plans include mobile phone cover, so make sure you check if yours includes this amenity before purchasing extra cover.
  • If you want a replacement phone ASAP, your best bet is to go with a network insurance plan. While they aren’t the best value for money, they will deliver you a handset the fastest.


Will I receive a new handset?

Many providers give out refurbished phones, or alternative equivalent models. You could also ask them for cash, but this may take time to settle over the phone or online.

Is my phone too old?

Many insurers require that the phone must be 6 months old maximum before being insured, so make sure to check this before applying.

Who will pay for any extras used by the thief while the phone is stolen?

Many people have payment methods and carrier plans on their device, so what if the thief takes advantage of this and splashes the users cash? Most insurers will cover you if you have reported the stolen phone within 24 hours, but with some insurers this is cut to 12 hours so check with your insurer first.

So there you go, the introduction to mobile phone insurance. Make sure you find the best deal appropriate to your needs. Thanks for reading