There are two types of cover

There are two types of cover, content insurance and building insurance. Building is for the fabric of the house, as well as any fixtures and in-built appliances. Content insurance is for your belongings such as sofas and other furniture. If you are a homeowner, you should take out both of these insurances.

Added Extras

If you have extra items that you use out of the home like laptops and bikes, you should add personal possessions cover to your plan. These are add-ons most of the time, and cost extra. Also check if your provider covers the contents of your wallet, luggage and handbag.

Special Properties May Need Special Cover

If your property has unusual characteristics, like a thatched roof, you may need extra cover. This will also cost more as these properties cost more to the insurer. For example, thatched roofs pose a higher fire risk than slated brick roofs.

Protect Valuables

If you have extremely expensive items in your house, like jewellery, you may need to get added cover for these possessions. Most insurers cover items to a specific amount, eg:£40,000, and after that ask for extra cover. Another point to know about is the single item limit, where your item must be listed separately if it is above a specific limit, normally it is around £2000.

Estimate Accurately

If you over-estimate the price of your contents, you will pay way too much than you need to. But vice-versa, if you underestimate you will not be covered for all of your goods and you will be uninsured. The best way to calculate accurately is to go room to room, looking at all the items, this way you won’t be inaccurate.

Thats our top tips before buying home insurance. Remember to find the best deal for you, and check out our other blogs too to learn all about insurance. Thanks for reading.